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The People are Everything

Let us talk a bit about the concept of the in-game economy. Throughout history, there were two things that really mattered for the success of any family, tribe or just group: land and the people living on it. This is true for our game as well. Each account will start with some amount of land allocated to it. And they will have a number of people to start off with. They will need to manage these people so that the account grows harmoniously. Many needs will have to be juggled for this.

All the people on the land will need food and other resources to survive. Their growth will be the fastest when food will be plenty and all their other needs, such as housing and security met. This will mean that the majority of the population will lead relatively peaceful lives, being important elements of the economy. They will be assigned by the player to the various tasks needed, such as producing food, cutting wood, mining iron, building houses, conducting trade or making weapons. This will be dependent of course on what the land they live on has available.

As people work and fight, they will develop experience in that field. Those with abundant farming land will make more food than they need. The more they work, the more efficient their production will be. However they will not have enough wood for houses or iron for weapons. This means they will need to trade. Similar for combat, the more succesful – as in killing more enemies – they are in using a specific type of weaponry, the entire account will become more deadly with that type of weaponry.

A very important component of our game, as envisioned at this time, will be the fact that players will be able to earn crytocurrency tokens. This will be earned solely based on population dynamics. Each day there will be a natural attrition for the population on the account. As long as the account is healthy, the rate of population growth will outpace this, so the population will grow overall.

However this attrition rate is what will be very important to the token release to players. So the higher the population the more crypto is released.

Conducting raids and defending against them will require some military force. Raid matching will be based on the total force and wealth brought in by the player when attempting a match. Of course most of the population will be assigned to economic activities, so a balance needs to be reached. Raids will be important, as they will provide some population growth if successful, through prisoners. They will also allow the victorious player to gain riches based on what his enemy comitted to battle. And it will contribute heavily to the population death counter mentioned above, which will lead to more crypto tokens being released to the player.

There will be in-game events that will allow players to occupy additional land. At later stages of the game, it will be possible to conquer land from other players, so the need to defend it will be even higher. However, in these instances the process will be more protacted than the raids that are currently implemented in the game.

This is where the namesake of the game will become important. The player will be able to raise the Fyrd! This will mean that a large proportion of their population will be called to arms. This will allow a pretty large army, but at the expense of not being able to produce anything. The economy will have to be pretty developed at this point, to sustain such a load.

This are just a few introductory thoughts on the game concept. We will get more in depth in future posts on how the land assets, battle matching and so on will work. Stay tuned.